Lithium-ion Battery Technology

We design, manufacture, supply and support lithium-ion battery packs for Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage Systems and Biomedical Devices

Natural Battery Technologies is an Energy Solutions Provider which is on a mission to reduce carbon footprint and encourage faster adoption of electric vehicles.



Natural Battery Technologies is a leading supplier of lithium-ion batteries. Delivering proven safety, higher efficiency and longer cycles, our batteries are trusted by electrical vehicle manufacturers & solar energy storage.

We are focused on delivering value through product and process innovation. We work collaboratively with Electric Vehicle companies & users on enhancing range, design and safety of the Vehicles.


Natural Battery Technologies Products & Services

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Lithium Ion Battery

Customized Lithium Ion Battery

We customize the batteries according to your vehicles after in-depth study of expectations of performance.

Why Lithium Ion Battery?

Lithium-ion (Li Ion) batteries deliver high power density, deep cycling capability and a service life much longer than that of Lead Acid batteries. Li Ion batteries also accept high charge currents and recharge very quickly. Li Ion batteries are maintenance free and ultimately deliver the lowest total cost of ownership. They can be used for outdoor applications because they discharge reliably at temperatures up to +60°C and can be recharged at temperatures up to +50°C.

  • 50% More Energy Efficient

  • 40% Longer Run Times

  • 50% Smaller Carbon Footprint

  • 45% Lower Cost Than Lead Acid Batteries

  • Plug and Play Technology


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